Organic Espresso Beans by Findlays Finest Gourmet Coffee. Best Quality, Mountain Grown, Pure Arabica Whole Bean Espresso. Perfectly Roasted to Bring Out the Most Delicious, Subtle Flavors and Aroma. Not Artificially Flavored. 12 oz. pkg. Buy Online. Makes a Great Gift. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • 100% PURE ARABICA BEANS, EXPERTLY SELECTED & ROASTED to feature the best Aroma and Flavor in this exquisite ORGANIC ESPRESSO blend. A medium espresso that plays on your palate. Grown high in the mountains where fewer insects mean that chemical pesticides and fertilizers aren’t necessary, GMO-free and shade-grown for a Strictly Hard Bean classification giving you a superior Gourmet Coffee with Distinction and Elegance.
  • GOOD COFFEE IS LIKE A FINE WINE, it’s meant to be Savored and Enjoyed. Cupping Notes for our ORGANIC ESPRESSO feature a Delicate, Sweet Floral Aroma to this heavily bodied Espresso blend. Hints of Marzipan, Honey and Dark Chocolate take time to dance across your tongue and flirt with your taste buds. So addictive you’ll be coming back for more. Our coffees are strictly ALL NATURAL and definitely NOT artificially flavored! Treat Yourself to this Superior Quality ORGANIC ESPRESSO taste Sensation!
  • WHY PAY MORE? Doesn’t it make more sense to spend your money on better quality coffee beans? And avoid the pricey coffee shops with their lower quality beans and slow service? Making your own is simple and addictive. Become your own barista and save money. Believe me, your friends will definitely want to know your secret!
  • NEVER BUY COFFEE IN BULK… because the longer it sits around, the more it loses it’s flavor. Make sense? Buy the best coffee you can, in small batches meant to last no more than a month, and taste the difference freshly ground, real gourmet coffee beans make. Findlays Finest features great flavor without tasting the slightest bit burnt or bitter. State-of-the-art packaging keeps it fresh and flavorful to the last cup.
  • WHEN YOU CLICK THE BUY BUTTON… you not only get exceptional coffee delivered to your door, you become a member of the Findlays Finest Gourmet Coffee community. We are dedicated to bringing you great coffee and exceptional service, which is why we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Try our coffee risk-free. There’s never been a better time to upgrade your morning Cuppa Jo. This introductory special is for a limited time only! Don’t hesitate. Click the Buy Button NOW. (Top Right)

Organic Espresso by Findlays Finest Gourmet Coffee contains 100% pure Arabic beans roasted to perfection to bring out the natural favor of the coffee. (No artificial favors.)

List Price: $ 26.99


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